Doulas are still relatively new in Ireland. However, over the last few years as the evidence as to how beneficial doulas are has increased, more couples are looking to hire a doula. At the same time there has been a huge increase in the numbers of those training to be a doula. While this means there is now more choice, it can also mean that those hoping to hire a doula can find it quite a task to actually search for and then choose a doula. It can be a daunting prospect. Sometimes it can mean interviewing 3-4 different doulas to get a match that suits you.

A doula agency will streamline this process. With DoulaCare Ireland all doulas working with the Agency have been interviewed by Mary and Jen to ensure they fit with the ethos of the Agency. DoulaCare Ireland Doulas are the only doulas in Ireland who are Garda vetted for their role. All doulas working for DoulaCare Ireland have a strict Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics which doulas are expected to strictly adhere to. This ensures that the doulas you will be working with are professional and do not act outside of their remit in their capacity with you. All doulas working with DoulaCare Ireland will be expected to have their own insurance and have completed a professional doula training course with a reputable organisation.

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