DoulaCare Ireland's Scholarship 2018


Thank you for your interest in applying for the DoulaCare Ireland Scholarship for 2018. We are very excited to be able to offer the successful applicant a place on the DONA Birth Doula Training with Tracy Donegan in the Pillo Hotel, Co. Meath in September (22nd/23rd) and/or the Postpartum Doula Training with Ann Grauer in Dublin in October (12th - 14th). Over the course of your training for birth doula support you will cover what birth doula support looks like, advocacy as a doula, how to support families as a doula, how to support VBAC families, Breastfeeding support as a doula, comfort measures to support families during birth, practical information on client meetings and a wealth of other information in an interactive and supportive environment. During your postpartum doula training you  will look at how you can support families in the postpartum period, how families adjust, stresses in the newborn days, parenting multiples, breastfeeding and formula feeding, advocacy and a whole host of other topics - drawing on your own skills and knowledge to help you support families in these early days. 


Terms & Conditions

DoulaCare Ireland agree to pay your full fee for DONA International Doula Training (Birth September 2018 or Postpartum October 2018). If you accept this scholarship, you must provide Doula services in your region and surrounds, as an independent contractor, in conjunction with DoulaCare Ireland for a minimum of two years. You must agree to join the DoulaCare Ireland agency. You must provide the required paperwork to work with us, be Garda vetted and sign up to our code of ethics. You must take out adequate doula insurance (please note however, we do not expect you to have insurance until we offer you your first client),  and register as a self employed independent contractor, where you will be responsible for your own tax returns (DoulaCare Ireland are happy to help you through this process). You must conduct yourself in a professional manner, representing DoulaCare Ireland at networking events and on social media platforms.

As part of DoulaCare Ireland agency, you will have access to unlimited mentoring from our owners Jen & Mary. You will have a support system in place with our amazing team of doulas nationwide. You will gain attendance to our annual CPD day. You will also have access to exclusive discounts on study days and CPD days across the country. You will become a member of our closed Facebook group, for information and support. You will be provided with all paperwork necessary for your role, including client contracts etc. You will have the opportunity to grow your name alongside our brand, while gaining experience and knowledge.

The details you provide in your application will only be used for the sole purpose of the Scholarship application, and will not be shared with any other company or organisation. Some details from the winning applicants, for example your name, email and contact number, will be shared with the DONA trainers in order for them to deliver the details of the session prior to attendance.

Please note: by sending in this application you agree that you will be able to attend either/both the birth and/or postpartum training (depending on which one you are successful on getting a place on). DoulaCare Ireland will pay for your place on these courses. Applicants are responsible for their own travel costs as well as food and accommodation costs and any other personal expenses incurred over the weekend of the training.

Further details of our Data Protection Policy is available here.

Scholarship Application Form

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