The Postpartum Doulas we represent are highly trained and passionate. They have all undertaken professional training with a reputable organisation and many have other areas of expertise. All Doulas working in conjunction with Doulacare Ireland are insured and work under a strict code of ethics with grace and professionalism. We have hand picked our Doulas for their passion, empathy and work ethic. We represent an amazing team of doulas nationwide and in our role as an agent we can introduce you to a doula that we feel will be the best fit for you and your family.

Postpartum Doulas provide non-medical physical and emotional support and household assistance after the birth of your baby(ies). They provide evidence based support to help your emotional and physical recovery from birth and assist you with the care and feeding of your new baby, including breastfeeding assistance, bathing, and comfort measures.

A Doula will not take over care of your baby, but assist you in learning to care for your baby’s needs yourself. They assist with family adjustment, including sibling emotions or savouring your new dynamic in your relationship with your partner and family. They can provide childcare during naps so that parents can get some much needed rest.

Doulas will also be glad to do some light housekeeping including laundry, household organization and tidying. Many Doulas are wonderful cooks and bakers and love nothing more than preparing home cooked meals to stock your fridge!

Postpartum Doulas help each family ease into the transition of parenthood. Finding their new ‘normal’ or balance. Each family a doula will work with is unique and this is why here at DoulaCare Ireland were want to introduce to to the doula who has the skills that can support your specific needs and desires. 
This is a professional service that will allow your family to thrive during those first few weeks with your baby, not just survive!