naomi young, Postpartum doula

naomi young, Postpartum doula

Naomi Young


I’m Naomi, a Mum of 4, a fully certified Pro-Doula trained Postpartum Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist.

I have always loved listening to stories about pregnancy, birth and those early months postpartum.  I have been supporting families after the birth of their baby since 2012.  This has always been a passion for me, as I would have benefited from extra support after having each of my babies.   I had no support, or back up to help us through this time and really feel that this is why I do the work that I do.  I want to help families have the best experience when bringing home a new baby.  

I have experience supporting families that breast and bottle feed, colic babies, premature births, tongue tie, PND, multiples.

I honestly do feel that the role of a Doula, Birth or Postpartum is priceless!  In the world we live in today, the family structure is not there for a lot of families, we live far away from the support of our families, and both parents are generally working.  We as Doulas can fill in some part of these voids for families, by providing support through these journeys.

I love being part of the DoulaCare Ireland Team!  We are a great support network for each other and a wealth of knowledge between us.

Covering Tipperary, Kilkenny & Limerick