kitty hackel, birth and postpartum doula

kitty hackel, birth and postpartum doula

Kitty Hackel

Birth and Postpartum Doula.

Hi my name is Kitty Hackel, I am a mom, lactation consultant, antenatal educator , hypnobirthing instructor and most importantly a doula. I believe every woman and every birth is unique and should be treated as such. My goal is to encourage every woman to find her ideal path to welcoming her baby into the world! My hope is that every woman has a positive, empowering birth experience, which is what we will work together towards, every birth matters and every woman is entitled to a positive birthing experience. I’ve made it my mission in life to help, support and empower mothers everywhere during one of life’s most special times .

I can offer evidence-based knowledge and information to help support your choices, discuss what matters to you and assist you in a practical way.

It is my pleasure to work with Doulacare Ireland in offering Doula services to women in the Kilkenny/Carlow/Wexford and Wiclow area.  I absolutely love what I do - I cannot call it ‘work’ Advocating for mothers and being both an emotional and practical support for you and your family, be it your first child or your fifth, is what makes being a Doula an absolute privilege.

Covering Kilkenny/Carlow/Wexford/Wicklow