Jen's Pregnancy Diary: Week 11

Well I have been flat out this week with work. Doulacare Ireland is growing from strength to strength and I am loving every second of working with our amazing team. We did a fantastic Google Hangouts call for the team and shared knowledge and skills. I am also working with some lovely families and I am reminded daily why I love my job so much. 

Seth has been really sweet this week and is regularly making suggestions for names for the new baby. Some are a bit crazy from video games and movies but some I really like too. 

The sickness has been bad this week but I am super busy and I know that often makes things worse. I have been reminded to mind myself in it all. If you don’t mind yourself you can’t mind anyone else!

Two evenings this week I experienced stitch like pains in my side. They were pretty horrible but went away quickly and I didn’t have any other concerns. It was most likely round ligament pain. At this stage with my uterus growing it can be common to feel cramping and pain in the lower abdomen and back 

Our family are getting excited for our first sun holiday in nearly 5 years. The kids are thrilled and I know myself and Paul are really looking forward to unwinding and spending time as a family. 

I am working 6 days this week so plan to do all the packing on Sunday (only day off). It is such a happy feeling to pack and I am sure the boys will get stuck in too. 

* * * * * * 

Week 11: What Is Happening To Your Baby

  • Your baby is now the size of a lime

  • Tiny tooth buds are starting to appear under your baby's gums

  • Your baby's testicles or ovaries have now formed (though it is still to early to tell if you are having a boy or a girl from any tests).

  • Your baby now has fingers and toes and hair follicles are starting to form on the skin 





Week 11: What Might Be Happening With Your Body

  • Some of your ailments - such as your morning sickness, should be easing off at this stage
    • However, you may now have heartburn, excess gas and bloating (thanks to increased progesterone hormones in the body).
  • That progesterone causes digestion to slow down - which can also cause constipation. 
  • You may be gaining some weight now that your nausea is easing up and you can eat properly again - this is normal and to be expected at this stage. 


Pregnancy Tip: When to Worry About Pain During Pregnancy: 

While some discomfort is common during pregnancy and is perfectly normal, there are times to be concerned about it (and it goes without saying, do always check with your GP or Dr if you have any worries). 

When to Worry About Pain During Pregnancy.jpg