Jen's Pregnancy Diary: Week 6

So I think I am 6 weeks. I feel like I have already been pregnant forever and cannot believe that people can’t clearly see that I am! I did a pregnancy test when I was 3 days late and had my BFP. I had to go to work then for the day. When I crawled into bed with Paul that night at around midnight I whispered I’m pregnant. He was a bit shocked at my timing but I didn’t want to know and not tell him :) He was delighted and sleepy!!! 

Preg Nausea.jpg

I’m not sure if it was a physiological thing or not but the queasy tummy started almost instantly and my boobs felt huge. I haven’t been happy with my current GP for a while as the women doctors keep changing – so I signed up with a new GP I have heard great things about. Due to my work schedule and her availability, I won’t get to her until I’m 7 weeks and 5 days (from my calculations). A vastly different story to my first two where I was at the doctor at about 4 weeks and 1 day! 

I am yet to make a decision on my care pathway. If my first two births had been more straightforward I would 100% go for a home birth. Women have different options all over Ireland but in Dublin for a home birth you have:

There are also Domino Scheme's or the Community Midwives (where all your care is offered by midwives and during labour you will have the support of one of the team during the birth, and you can opt for an early release home a few hour after your birth once all is well with you and the baby), but as I had a Caesarean Birth on my second and he was over 4.5kgs I am excluded from those schemes. 

This is a great link for information 

So my own options are Public, Semi-Private or Private in the Coombe, Holles Street or Rotunda. The Rotunda also have an NBAC clinic (next birth after caesarean) which is midwife led. Evidence shows women have better birth outcomes with midwife led care. Midwives are the experts in normal physiological birth. Obstetricians are the experts in everything else. Your choice of care will, of course, depend hugely on your individual requirements and wishes for your birth.

For my own requirements and wishes, I want a care provider who will listen to me and hear what I am saying rather than follow their own agenda. I want a chance at an uninterrupted vaginal birth but also the security of knowing the team if a caesarean is required. I want my doula with me for emotional support. But as ridiculous as it sounds, with my busy life...I want a quick waiting time for antenatal clinics rather than wasting a whole day each time (like I did with my first in the public cattle mart) That’s not too much to ask is it??!!

So I remain undecided for now. I have spoken to several midwife friends and I am checking out my options in the maternity hospitals. I do find the days are passing with speed and I will have to book in somewhere soon. 

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On the tight jeans I the only one who swells instantly? I am so bloated it’s unreal. I am contemplating rooting out maternity clothes already! I’m sure I look about 6 months pregnant rather than weeks. 

Anyway....until next time. Jen x