Jen's Pregnancy Diary: Week 10

This week was full of excitement. We told Seth and Leon they were going to have a new baby brother or sister. They were both very shocked but happy. We chatted over dinner and they had lots of questions. Leon didn’t believe I had a baby in my belly because I don’t have a big pregnant belly. We showed him a picture of what the baby would look like and that it is still tiny. It was a great conversation over dinner. Seth wants a little brother and Leon doesn’t really mind. 

We told our families this week about our pregnancy - it was very exciting.

We told our families this week about our pregnancy - it was very exciting.

The next day we held a family party in our home for Bren my father in law. We exchanged presents and just before we sat down to eat we handed him a birthday card and told him there was a special surprise inside. Seth took a little video of the moment he found out he had another grandchild on the way! I found myself crying. It was a lovely moment :)

I have still been very nauseous and getting sick daily. I am excited to tell people and for the kids to know. Even though I am really tired at night I am finding myself unable to sleep. I have also started having crazy pregnant dreams.

I am starting to be uncomfortable in anything other than leggings. I did some online shopping and will need to get the hubby up into the attic to retrieve my bag of maternity clothes! There are some really lovely options out there now. I also just heard that Pennys now stock maternity wear so I will have to check that out soon! 

Until next time...Jen x


Week 10: What is Happening With Your Baby

  • Your baby is the size of a strawberry 
  • They are becoming really active in your womb - kicking, tumbling and stretching. You won't feel this yet as their limbs are still so tiny. 
  • Your baby's heart is now fully developed and beating at approx 180 beats per minute. 
  • Your baby is starting to look more like a human this week, though as their is brain is developing their forehead will temporarily bulge at this point
  • Your baby can now lift their chin up from their chest - so their head is more upright. 

Week 10: What Might Be Happening With Your Body 

  • Your blood volume is increasing significantly this week. By the time baby is ready to be born it will be almost double the amount it would have been before you were pregnant. 
  • You may be feeling dizzy at times as the pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes the walls of your blood vessels. 
  • You may find you are suffering from constipation as the muscles of the bowel relax
  • Your waist continues to expand and may be disappearing at this stage. 


Pregnancy Tip 

It's a good time to start thinking of how to break the news to your friends/family/work? Some people like to do a pregnancy announcement on social media and there are some great examples here and here on how people announced their pregnancy. Do let us know how you told everyone - we would love to hear from you: or message us on Facebook