Jacquie beamish, birth & POstPartum doula

Jacquie beamish, birth & POstPartum doula

Birth & Postpartum Doula 

Having experienced the benefit of doula support herself for her second daughter’s pregnancy and labour, supporting families during pregnancy, labour and the period after is something Jacquie then became extremely passionate about. 

Jacquie completed the DONA International Birth Doula training with Tracy Donegan in June 2014 and then joined the Doula Association of Ireland. She is currently working towards her certification with the DAI. Jacquie completed the DONA International Post Partum Doula training with Ann Grauer in June 2017.

Jacquie lives near Innishannon with her husband and three daughters. Two of her daughters were born in CUMH and Jacquie has personal experience of VBAC, after her first birth ended in a cesarean section. Jacquie has also supported a VBAC mum during pregnancy and for the birth in CUMH. 

Additional Skills

Jacquie completed her Friends of Breastfeeding Buddy training in November 2015 and has been volunteering in that role since January 2016. She also started the Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor training in September 2016. Jacquie runs breastfeeding support groups in Bandon and Kinsale. 

Jacquie also ran Cork City BWI sling Library for three years.

Covering Cork