Doulas are still relatively new in Ireland. Thankfully, the benefits of our doula work - supporting parents during birth and postpartum care - is recognised by some of our national media. Please click the links below to read or watch further.

Irish Life Health Interview


Mary Tighe recently spoke to Irish Life Health about Doulas and their role during and after the birth. You can read the full article here.

"Doulas can provide much-needed assistance after the birth too. “With post-partum support, we’re focusing on the family and helping them adjust to life with a new-born baby, both emotionally and practically” Mary explains. “A lot of us don’t live near family anymore, or our parents are older so they can’t help out even if they are nearby. That’s where the Doula might be able step in.”

Support can include things like putting on a wash, cooking dinner, offering breastfeeding support, letting Mum get some sleep or simply providing a listening ear. “We don’t go against evidence,” says Mary. “We encourage parents to find the best answers themselves; they’re the experts on their baby. One of our by-lines is ‘Help Your Family Thrive, not Just Survive.’”

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TV3 Ireland AM - Wednesday, 16th August 2017

RSVP Magazine recently did a feature on doulas and their role in supporting families during birth and postpartum. One of Mary’s clients - Triona, a midwife herself in CUMH spoke to the magazine about her experience with birth doula support and you can read the article here.

“[Triona] said that having Mary with her during her pregnancy made sure that she had someone to call on who knew exactly how to help having spent months together.”


Irish Independent, August 10th 2017

Mary was interviewed in The Irish Times, with one of her client's, about her role as a doula and the support she offers: Doulas for Hire: An Extra Carer for Childbirth - Sheila Wayman

"Of using a doula, Sherwood adds: “You are hiring the big sister you never had. I think the doula helps the mother and the midwife team helps the baby and that you need both.”

 mary with clients CAPPELLA and greg. photo by daragh mcSWEENY provision

mary with clients CAPPELLA and greg. photo by daragh mcSWEENY provision


Mary recently wrote an article for Voya who have recently launched a Mum to Be range of products explaining the benefits and purpose to hiring a doula. Read below for an excerpt from the piece and you can read more here

"Often the woman’s birth partner will worry that if the couple hire a doula they will be left out. However, in my experience, doulas can be a fantastic resource for your birth partner as well. They can support and guide your partner offering them knowledge, information and tools to help you during your labour. Dads and same sex spouses are some of doulas biggest fans! Many women feel a strong need to have their partners present because of the strong emotional bond they share. Sometimes however, the partner can feel anxious or stressed by the responsibility they feel towards their loved one as they advance through labour. By having a doula present birth partners become more confident with all the information and reassurance provided, less overwhelmed and more effective in their ability to support the labouring mother. Having a doula there can also enable your partner to take a break - even just to go to the toilet or get some food.

One Dad wrote: “I can’t emphasise what a massive support Mary was to us during the birth and she in no way stole my thunder. If anything, Mary freed me up to enjoy the birth of our son and take on the role of supportive father. In addition, the fact that the birth was gruelling and long made Mary’s presence even more important.” - Joseph, First Time Dad, Cork"

Mary co-teaches the DONA Birth Doula Training in Ireland with Tracy Donegan every year in Ireland. Here she is chatting about her experience as a GentleBirth Instructor after one of the trainings. 


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