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DoulaCare Ireland offer gift vouchers in various prices ranges to help you give a special gift to your partner, friend or family.

Look through our selection and choose a value. We will then send a gift card, either to you or the recipient. If you prefer the latter, you can leave a special message at the checkout which we will add to your gift card.


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DoulaCare Ireland Gift Cards.

€100 - This will cover the cost of a doula for 3 hours postpartum support. Welcoming baby is such a joyous experience but many parents feel overwhelmed during that first week on your own. Let our team help ease that transition for your family.

Our postpartum doulas are here to help you and your family adjust to life with a newborn baby.

Some of the ways we can help are listed below:  

  • Our team of postpartum doulas can provide non-medical physical and emotional support and household assistance after the birth of your baby.
  • We can provide support to help your recovery and assist you with the care and feeding of your new baby, including breastfeeding assistance, bathing, and comfort measures.
  • We do not take over full care of your baby, but assist you in learning to care for your baby’s needs yourself.
  • Our team can assist with family adjustment, including sibling emotions or savouring your new dynamic in your relationship with your partner. We can provide childcare during naps so that parents can get some much needed rest.
  • We will also be glad to do some light housekeeping including laundry, household organisation and tidying. We also are happy to prepare nutritious snacks/meals.
  • DoulaCare Ireland have a wide network of professional health care providers they can refer you onto if needed (such as Lactation Consultants, Baby Massage Therapists, Women’s Health Physio’s etc).
  • We offer evidence based care, based on best practice guidelines and the latest research, and we keep up to date with the latest HSE and WHO Guidelines so you know you are getting current and relevant information from our team.
  • At DoulaCare Ireland we know that you and your partner are the experts on your baby. We are there to support and guide - we will never tell you what to do, but help you to figure out what bests suits you and your family.