elodie duquennoy, birth doula

elodie duquennoy, birth doula

Elodie Duqeunnoy 

Birth Doula.

I am the eldest of a family of five children. I was always present to give a hand to my mother with the different tasks at home. This was the beginning of my passion for children and birth. Then, I trained as a camp leader and looked after kids. I learned through this adventure the importance of kindness and empathy and I still work with both of them. Not too long ago, my interest around childbirth grew more and I started in 2016 to train as a midwife. As a student I had the opportunity to care for lots of different families with first time mothers, multiple births, women labouring with epidural, women labouring without medication and women experiencing a caesarean section. I also helped to establish breast feeding in the early days and gently help couples to get more confident with their new baby. 

Recently, I decided to become a doula as I could help families to make informed decisions about their birth and help make their journey a unique experience!

I trained with DONA International Birth Doula in 2018 and I plan to do the post-partum training in 2019.

I was born and raised in France until I moved around Europe and decided to stay for a while in Dublin. This gave me the opportunity to learn different languages and I can speak with you either in English, French or Spanish. During my time off, I like to do some handcraft activities, cooking, yoga and music.

Overall, I am a reassuring person that will do her best to empower you during these moments. I want to provide a relaxing environment where you feel safe with your family to enjoy this amazing event. 

Looking forwards to meeting you,

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