Clare Collins 

Hi my name is Clare Collins, I’m a mother, a qualified midwife and a DONA International trained Postpartum Doula. I’ve made it my mission in life to help, support and empower mothers everywhere during one of life’s most special times – settling in with a new baby.

Your journey into motherhood should be beautiful and memorable, that’s why my passion is for helping women postnatally. Arriving home with your new baby should be a time of joy, and I want to help you keep it that way. While you are so busy taking care of your new baby, who is taking care of you? Self-care is so important, during an often overwhelmingly emotional time in your life. Even with the most supportive partner or family, mums everywhere can benefit immensely from having a personally selected, compassionate and supportive Postpartum Doula who can listen, support and be there for you every step of the way. Often supporting both parents, as they take this path together.

I have found that my background in midwifery has more than enhanced my skills as a Postpartum Doula. I can offer evidence-based knowledge and information to help support your choices, discuss what matters to you and assist you in a practical way.

It is my pleasure to work with Doulacare Ireland in offering Postpartum Doula services to women in the Cork area.  I absolutely love what I do - I cannot call it ‘work’! I see so many anxious new mothers (and their partners) transform into confident loving parents who have the peace of mind to focus on their beautiful babies. Advocating for mothers and being both an emotional and practical support for you and your family, be it your first child or your fifth, is what makes being a Postpartum Doula an absolute privilege.

Alongside my doula training I am also an IPEN trained Placenta Encapsulator as well as a Baby Massage Instructor. 

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